Matt HughesIt was all but written in stone that Matt Hughes would finally get his crack at Matt Serra after Serra was dominated by Georges St. Pierre at UFC 83. Well, it looks like Chuck’s torn hammy has thrown a monkey wrench into that plan. Matt Hughes has announced—via his official website—that Serra will have to wait because he and Thiago Silva will be filling in for the main event at UFC 85 in London, England.

June 7th, in England, I fight Thiago Alves. The fight is confirmed, it will be the main event for the card. Dana just called me with the news. Chuck got hurt and couldn’t fight, so he needed a replacement and called me and I said yes. More news as I get it. No matter what happens in this fight, I’ve got Serra next.

Thiago AlvesThis will be a huge fight for Thiago Alves. After his victory over Karo Parisyan at Ultimate Fight Night 13, Alves was said to be second in line behind Jon Fitch to challenge GSP for the UFC Welterweight Championship. A victory over Hughes should all but guarantee he will get his shot at the winner of the GSP/Fitch title fight.

Conversely, if Hughes defeats Alves, it would be highly unlikely he would be moved to the top of the title contender line as long as GSP is there. GSP dominated Hughes last December at UFC 79 in their rubber match. One would think Hughes would need to wipe out all the other top contenders in the division to get another shot at GSP, if Hughes doesn’t retire before then.

Regardless of who wins, at least according to Hughes, he and Serra will presumably meet later in the year.

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