Chuck & Kimbo’s War Of Words

Chuck LiddellIn true Chuck Liddell counter-punching style, Liddell has responded to Kimbo Slice’s warning video in an interview with Rear Naked Radio in Dallas. Liddell threw the first punch in the beginning of the month by saying Kimbo won’t deserve all the attention he’s getting until he beats a real fighter.

I was unable to find the actual audio from this interview on their site, but managed to get a hold of a few quotes:

“All I said is fight to someone real. The only guy he lost to in his street-fight things came into the UFC and lost. Fight a guy that is real and fight a guy… who has a few wins in MMA, and then talk about it.

“Before he talks about fighting me, he might want to think about beating somebody that has a winning record. He’s an Internet sensation who beat up guys at Taco Bell. Come on. How hard is that to do?”

The way things are going, there could be a year or two’s worth of hype for this fight before it ever has the chance of happening. Needless to say, if it does happen, it will be HUGE. I’m sure Dana and the UFC are watching carefully.

Possible Opponents For Liddell

Chuck Liddell is expected to return from his hamstring injury sometime this September. Chuck has already thrown Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua, his original UFC 85 opponent, out there as a possibility, although Rua, who’s recovering from a serious ACL rupture, is saying he won’t be fully recovered from his injury until October or November, which would put a fight with them late in the year. If Chuck’s ready to go in September, I would imagine the UFC will want to get its top draw back in action as soon as possible. In that scenario, the winner of the Wanderlei Silva/Keith Jardine UFC 84 fight could get the Iceman next. Either fighter would be a rematch for Liddell and a win there could give him a title shot.

There’s strong demand in the casual fan base for a Chuck Liddell/Rampage Jackson rematch in the UFC, and by the time that bout could take place, it might be the biggest UFC fight yet. Chuck Liddell coupled with a post-TUF Rampage Jackson would be a huge PPV draw, one the UFC undoubtedly hopes to have.

I don’t think we’ll see Chuck retire anytime soon.