Randy Couture ImageRandy Couture thought a judgment on the status of his contract would be made quickly, but it looks like he may have to wait until the end of the summer for the verdict. HDNet jumped to Randy’s legal side shortly after he resigned from the UFC, and filed a lawsuit against Zuffa, parent company of the UFC, to obtain a declaratory judgment on when Randy would be free of his contract. HDNet reportedly has a contract with Randy that will take effect once Randy is free of his obligations to the UFC.

Adam Swift believes a resolution to the case by the end of the summer is likely:

On April 9, a Federal Judge remanded HDNet Fights’ declaratory judgment action against Zuffa to Texas state court. The case was officially reopened on April 15 and the proceedings to determine Couture’s contractual status are progressing quickly. With HDNet’s lawyers reportedly pushing the pace, a resolution of the case by the end of the summer appears more and more likely.

This should come as no surprise, but the story also states Zuffa has filed a motion to seal the proceedings. Like everything else with the UFC, Zuffa is trying to make this case G-14 classified, presumably to keep the public from learning more about their one-sided and restrictive contracts.

And we all thought we were going to get a better look at how lop-sided these contracts really are.

If the judge does rule in HDNet’s (Randy’s) favor, it is believed the mega-fight between him and Fedor Emelianenko would be set for October. Of course, that’s assuming Fedor defeats Tim Sylvia in July, too.

That’s just too many damn ifs for me.