If you happened to have picked up GTA IV yesterday, you may have got a pleasant surprise if you took a look around the dingy apartment you start the game in. There’s a TV in the corner of the room. I happened to stumble upon it yesterday before I left the apartment to check out Liberty City. I turned it on, clicked through a couple stations, and there’s Bas Rutten going psycho, ranting about solving problems with violence in his in-game TV show, “The Men’s Room.”

In short, it’s hilarious.

Fightlinker was able to dig up some video:

“Go away or I’ll punch you in the freakin’ liver” – Classic Bas Rutten

I freakin’ love it! Bas cracks me up with his obsession with the liver strike.

I can’t believe my first post about Bas was this. Well, maybe I can.