Just one day after DREAM.2 wrapped up, it appears both the Lightweight and Middleweight GP’s are losing its top competitors left and right. Shinya Aoki, coming off a huge victory over ‘JZ’ Calvacante at yesterday’s DREAM.2, apparently suffered a facial injury that will keep him out of round two of the tournament scheduled to take place less than two weeks from now. Calvacante was contacted to come to the rescue, but it appears DREAM officials weren’t offering enough to entice ‘JZ’ back into the tournament. The winner of the Aoki/Calvacante fight was expected to be the favorite to win the tournament.

The Middleweight Grand Prix isn’t looking so good either. Denis Kang, one of the tournament favorites, lost in the first round. Now, Kazushi Sakuraba,
perhaps Japan’s biggest MMA star, says he’s done with the tournament, despite winning his first match:

– You fight in the 2ND Round, right?
I hope other fighter do their best in their next fight. I’m not in the tournament.

– Sasahara said you won’t earn any prize money even if you win.
I’m not talking about money. I don’t like the tournament and don’t want to be involved in this. Please leave me alone.

Kiyoshi Tamura also appears to be another drop-out of the tournament due to a finger injury he sustained in his victory over Masakatsu Funaki.

Not looking good.