Kimbo SliceThere was a rumor going around that Forrest Griffin had knocked Kimbo Slice out with a head kick during training. Dana White didn’t hesitate to make the rumor public during a Deadspin interview earlier this month. It appears Kimbo is going on the record, via, to debunk that rumor.

“No, there is no truth to that at all. It’s bullshit and Forrest Griffin will tell you that it’s bullshit to [sic].

“The fact is it was a good sparring session and I was training with Forrest and he was talking to me about defending yourself at all times and then he threw a big kick and I was like “WOAH [sic] I never even seen that coming” but no I never got knocked out…”

Kimbo’s response to Dana White spreading the rumor?

Even if I did get knocked out, saying that and putting that rumour [sic] out there just makes you a pussy.

Way to go, Dana. First, you piss off the number one heavyweight in the world, by publically calling him a “farce,” to the point where he wants nothing to do with the UFC. Now, you’re pissing off perhaps one of the sport’s biggest draws by spreading rumors. I don’t get why White thinks it’s a good idea to talk bad about fighters he wishes he had. He just comes off as a little kid who didn’t get his way. The people who know who Fedor is are still going to watch him fight no matter where it happens, and everybody else is still going to watch Kimbo try and knock out the next guy.

[UPDATE] – Both Bas Rutten, Kimbo’s trainer, and Randy Couture (Forrest trains at Xtreme Couture) have both said this rumor is false. There was a kick to the head when Kimbo initially started training, but it didn’t knock him out or down.