Apologizing for the rampage

Quinton Rampage JacksonRampage has really impressed me during this season of The Ultimate Fighter. And truthfully, he’s really the only good reason to continue to watch it. Considering how highly I thought of him as a coach after the third episode of the season, I was a little concerned he was going to prove me wrong after I saw the previews last week for last night’s episode. If you missed it, the preview showed Rampage, well, going on a rampage. I was afraid he was freaking out on his team for screwing up, but it turns out the built up frustration of losing two fights in a row capped off with a decision he felt was wrong got the best of him and he lost it.

In his blog, he apologizes:

I couldn’t control my frustration anymore and I lost it at that point. I was pretty pissed off because that fight meant a lot to Mohawk. We needed that fight, and more importantly, he needed that fight for his career. Mohawk left that cage without a scratch on his face, and Dante swollen and bruised up. Mohawk did more damage to a guy with way more experience than he did, and he had nothing to show for it. I apologize deeply for having the fans see me act that way, sometimes my emotions get the best of me.

The Judges: Two Middle Aged Women & A Four-Year Old

As for the fight between Brandon Sene (Mohawk, as Rampage calls him) and Dante Rivera, I would have given it to Dante from what I saw on TV. It’s important to mention, though, that the fight was boring me to death and I may have been dozing in and out. Maybe I missed something. Rampage obviously thought differently and still maintains that Sene won the fight. He blames it on the judges.

I hate blaming the judges, but Dante wasn’t doing ANYTHING while on top and Brandon was just hitting elbows from the bottom. I thought he did more than enough to win that round even though Dante was on top of him. Hell, if I was one of the judges I’d take points away from Dante for the way he fought – he just laid there. Even the ref noticed that there wasn’t no action going on, he broke them up twice during the fight. Maybe a more experienced MMA judge would have seen things differently, but they weren’t there on that day. The judges we had were two middle aged women and a little girl – she looked like a 4 year old kid!

Regardless of their age or gender, they didn’t do any worse of a job than half of the judges that normally decide the UFC PPVs. There are far worse decisions to gripe over, but at least Rampage stood up for his guy. His fighters know he’s got their back and will fight for them. That says a lot.

Jeremy May Doesn’t ‘Know How To Have Friends’

It seems as if every cast member of TUF 7 has a weekly guest post on one MMA blog or another. And from the looks of them, it seems that no one likes Jeremy May. I have to agree with them. I could write a top ten list of reasons why I don’t like Jeremy May from only five episodes, and I don’t even think he was in the second one. Rampage has an idea where everyone’s frustration is coming from.

On the ride back, Jeremy said some things to Chipper about not protecting against the arm bar…that’s his teammate, he should be there to lift him up, not to chastise him. I heard about the lime juice prank with Matt when we were training at the gym, and I don’t know why anyone would mess with someone else’s dip. Maybe he wanted to fight Matt and that is why he was screwing with him, but Matt looks like an evil troll, I don’t know why anyone would want to do mess with him. Anyway, I don’t know why Jeremy does the things he does. I don’t think he knows how to have friends.

I have to say the whole lime juice in the dip thing was pretty messed up. I don’t blame Matt Brown one bit for being pissed. This is the first TUF fight I can remember looking forward to. My money’s on the pissed off southern dude with the acidic tobacco.