Shinya Aoki

Photo property of DSE

Looks like Shinya Aoki will get his shot at the DREAM Lightweight GP title after all. Aoki recently defeated JZ Calvacante at DREAM.2 in a rematch from DREAM.1, but suffered a concussion of the cervical vertebra that will keep him from fighting on May 11 at DREAM.3. Instead of finding a replacement, it looks like DREAM officials will postpone Aoki’s match with Katsuhiko Nagata until June 15 at DREAM.4.

Aoki apologized to his fans, via Sherdog:

“I’m sorry that I won’t be able to fight on May 11, but I can promise that I will be back with a vengeance June 15. I will be 100 percent motivated when I step into the ring and I will make good for cancelling the May fight.”

Good news, indeed. The grand prix would have taken a huge hit if Aoki had withdrawn completely.