The war of words between Chuck Liddell and Kimbo Slice has been going on for quite some time now. It all started when Chuck made some comments that Kimbo Slice won’t deserve the attention he’s getting until he faces some real fighters. Fair enough. Kimbo probably doesn’t, but he hasn’t really done anything to ask for his overnight fame either. It just happened that he generated a following prior to his start in MMA which has stuck with him, attracting a ton of media coverage. Now it appears the whole feud could be ended by Kimbo’s trainer, Bas Rutten.

Liddell also wanted to clarify his recent exchanges with Elite XC’s Kimbo Slice: He doesn’t dislike Slice, he just isn’t sold on the former street brawler.

“Until he fights somebody real, it’s impossible to say he’s a great fighter,” he says.

But what about trainer Bas Rutten’s repeated declarations that we should take Slice seriously?

“Well, Bas’ word means a lot,” Liddell says. “And I see that he’s saying that everywhere. If he comes up to me and swears that Kimbo is great, then I’ll believe it. But he hasn’t done that.”

The problem with that, however, is I haven’t heard Bas or anyone for that matter call Kimbo a great fighter. Bas has just been saying that Kimbo is taking the sport seriously, keeping his head down and doing the right things.

Regardless, this feud needs to end—at least for now—because all it can be for a while is talk. Don’t worry, Chuck. I don’t think anybody who knows what they’re talking about thinks Kimbo could beat you.