…by EliteXC’s primetime, network television debut on CBS? It looks like it. In an obvious attempt to divert viewers away from EliteXC: Primetime, the UFC has dedicated a two-hour block of special programming on Spike TV featuring its most popular fighter, Chuck Liddell, to run at the same time as the event on CBS.

Here’s the press release:

On Saturday, May 31, the best mixed martial arts programming on television will be on Spike TV, as the network presents a special night dedicated to UFC® superstar Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell. The homage to Liddell will feature two Spike TV premiere events not to be missed by true UFC fans.

At 9:00pm ET/PT, Spike presents the world television premiere of “Ultimate Iceman: Chuck Liddell,” an hour-long documentary which chronicles the life of one of the sport’s true titans, in and out of the Octagon™.

Spike debuts a special, “Liddell vs. Silva: UFC® Unleashed™-Special Edition” at 10:00pm ET/PT featuring the never-before-seen on cable battle between Liddell and Wanderlei Silva, which was fought last December at UFC 79: NEMESIS.

The belief that the UFC will grow as the entire sport grows is clearly not one the UFC ascribes to. It’s obvious they want EliteXC to fail. I understand it’s a business and fighting your competition is a part of that, but it becomes clearer and clearer with the moves the UFC makes that they care more about their brand, their business, and their bottom line than they do about the sport and the fans.

I think it goes without saying which channel my TV will be tuned to on May 31.

Credit: Fightticker.com