Mirko 'Cro Cop' FilipovicMirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipovic and Jerome LeBanner were supposed to square off at DREAM.4 on June 15, but Nokaut.com claims the fight is being moved to DREAM.5 on July 20 due to an unconfirmed K-1 bout involving LeBanner and Semmy Schilt on June 29. This may work out in Cro Cop’s favor. He recently suffered a minor leg injury in training.

Nokaut discussed the situation with Cro Cop:

“Yes, I’m going to fight on July 20. I was looking forward to appearing on the DREAM 4 card on June 15 and I based my preparations on that. I suffered a minor leg injury last week, but it doesn’t affect my trainings. During a wrestling session, I slipped and felt pain in my left knee, but the medical exams have confirmed that no damage was done. I’m wearing a special bandage just as a precaution.”

The postponement only leaves LeBanner with an extra week in between fights, however LeBanner is a K-1 fighter first and foremost so it makes sense that he would want to make sure he was 100% for his kickboxing match.

It’s important to note that neither fighter has confirmed this match as of yet.