Jeremy MayNo fighter in recent memory has garnered as much hatred so quickly as Jeremy May on season seven of The Ultimate Fighter. If you’ve followed this season so far, you know exactly what I’m talking about. He’s that arrogant guy that never knows when to keep his mouth shut and when to stop messing with people, especially people he’s just met.

Tim Credeur, a fellow cast member, was blunt about how he feels about Jeremy in episode 6.

If Jeremy May and I were the last two people on earth, I would quickly be the last person on earth

May isn’t the first athlete to have a brash, annoying attitude and won’t be the last. However, May would have probably been a little more accepted, and perhaps earned a little more respect, if he had just performed well. But he didn’t. To make things even worse, he also slacked off in training. In last night’s episode, May faked a knee injury so he wouldn’t have to train as hard as everyone else. I don’t even understand that. You’re given a golden-ticket opportunity at an MMA career, and you blow it off because you don’t feel like training. In May’s defense, he claims in an interview, the producers edited it to make it look like he was slacking, although is he someone you can believe?

His sandbagging ended up catching up to him during his fight with the pissed-off Southern fighter, Matt Brown. I think we were all expecting Brown to come out and tear May a new one, but Brown just looked flat. Despite that, May came out with a flurry and then gassed—hard. At the end of the first round, May had nothing left and Brown caught him with a hard left kick to the head, knocking him out.

Rampage had these comments on May’s lack of conditioning:

It looks like he ran out of gas right there. Ya know, if you’re on your way to the gas station…I don’t know if you all know, but c’mon, I’m from the ‘hood, but sometimes I gotta put two dollars in the tank and you’re almost home and then your car just (makes car running out of gas sounds)…We should have put more than two dollars in that tank.

Despite May’s laziness and his obnoxious personality, Rampage says in his latest blog entry that May is still part of the family and his team, specifically Chipper (Matthew Riddle), should have supported him:

I will say, nobody liked May on either team. They didn’t show this, but everyone on our team that lost was banged up a little after their fight, so sometimes they’d sit out practice but come down to the training facility to support the guys still in it. Well, those guys would all be together on one side of the gym, and on the days when Jeremy took it easy a practice and sat out some exercises because of his knee…those guys would avoid him completely. He’d be alone. I had to talk to him privately during one of our training sessions about the problems people had with him. But even though he is an idiot that pissed off a lot of people, Jeremy May is still a member of Team Rampage, so Chipper bothered me by telling Matt Brown that May had a bum knee. Man, no matter what, we’re still a team. Team is like family to me. And we’ve all got that family member that we don’t like, that don’t what, we’re still family. So now I’m kind of pissed at Chipper because, I don’t care how much of a punk he was, we still needed to win. We needed to get control of the matchups. Chipper was doing his other teammates wrong there.

Rampage has a point, but if anyone deserved the treatment May received, it was, well, May.

It should go without saying that Jeremy May won’t be on the short list of TUF 7 cast members that are making it onto the UFC roster, unless of course the UFC is banking on people wanting to see him get beat up again.