Jason DayJason Day has answered the call to step in and replace Chris Leben in a middleweight matchup against Michael Bisping at UFC 85: Bedlam in London, England on June 7. Leben was forced to withdraw from the bout after being sentenced to 35 days in jail after turning himself in to settle a probation violation from a 2005 DUI charge.

Bisping and Day commented on their upcoming fight at UFC.com.

“Obviously I was looking forward to the Leben fight but I guess it wasn’t to be,” said Bisping. “You have to respect Jason Day for stepping in on even shorter notice than myself. I am looking forward to really putting on a great performance in London.”

“I love this fight,” said Day. “Everybody’s been asking me who would I like to fight next, and I said Bisping, but who would have thought it would have come about so quickly. He’s a great fighter, an exciting fighter, tough as nails, and everybody wants that marquee fight where you get the guy that tests you and you slug it out for two or three rounds. I think he’s a pretty good test for me.”

“Jason Day looked bloody dangerous in his fight with Belcher and I think this fight has exactly the same potential as the Leben fight to be a real war,” said Bisping.

“If you take a look at me and Bisping, we’re both well-rounded fighters, both very well-conditioned, and we both have a reputation for being tough and durable,” said Day. “So I think this has Fight of The Night written all over it, and maybe even Fight of The Year. I think it’s gonna be an awesome fight. I’ve got a lot of respect for him and it sounds like he’s not gonna take me lightly either.”

Day may not carry the same name recognition that Leben does, but he’s still a very dangerous opponent for Bisping. I don’t know about Fight of The Year, but it should be a good one.