Andrei ArlovskiSurprise, surprise. The UFC wants to re-sign Andrei Arlovski back to their dwindling heavyweight division. Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports shares this revelation in his latest mailbag.

What are your thoughts regarding the possibility of Andrei Arlovski re-signing with the UFC? I really believe he’s got plenty of electrifying fights left in him, despite his past few poor performances.

I was speaking with UFC president Dana White last week and I asked him about Arlovski. He said, “It’s funny you should ask me that. We were just talking about Arlovski. We want to sign him. It’s our intention to sign him. But I don’t know. We’re, well, I don’t know. We want to. Whether we will or not, I have no idea. We like Andrei and I know the fans like Andrei. I hope we can do something.”

Could this be the reason why Arlovski has not been officially announced to fight Ben Rothwell on Affliction ‘Banned’ yet?

The chances he will re-sign with the UFC appear to be small at this point, unless the UFC decides to open their pockets wider. In all my recollections of Dana being asked whether or not he will be signing fighter X, his response is always a definitive yes or no, regardless of what happens. He certainly doesn’t sound too optimistic here.

It’s also been said in recent days that Arlovski has already signed with Adrenaline MMA or is expected to sign very soon, in which case, Adrenaline would loan him out to Affliction for ‘Banned,’ as they are doing with Tim Sylvia and Ben Rothwell. This information has yet to be confirmed.

We should find out soon enough.