EA SportsIf things fall in place, Randy Couture may have his own EA Sports MMA video game franchise a la John Madden with Madden football, the long-time and massively popular NFL video game series. Randy revealed he was in discussions with EA during a recent interview with IGN. With the UFC coming out with its own video game in spring 2009, this would be the second front Couture would be battling the UFC on. However, it’s not a done deal, as both parties are only in discussions at this time, and Randy would need to be free of his UFC contractual obligations prior to moving forward.

Assuming Couture and EA were to reach a deal and the game went into development, who would actually be in it? Would the game be attached to a specific organization? Or multiple organizations? Or perhaps, by the time the game is in development will the sport have evolved to the point where the fighters could be the center focus of the game, much like EA’s Fight Night boxing series? I would hope for the latter because at least presently, no organization outside of the UFC has a talent roster deep enough to create a compelling video game. Collectively, outside of the UFC, there are plenty of good to great fighters that could challenge the UFC’s roster, especially in the heavyweight and lightweight divisions.

The fact of the matter is, there are no answers to those questions at this point, especially with the volatile nature of the MMA landscape. Who knows what the landscape will look like two years or even one year from now. There may be a legitimate contender for the UFC, the UFC may be even more of a powerhouse than they already are, or maybe even the fighters will have started to gain the power over the promoters. Who knows, but if you love this sport and video games, this is certainly something to keep your eye on.