BJ Penn Blasts Sean Sherk For Alleged Steroid Usage

If the outcome of the UFC Lightweight Championship fight was decided by the war of words at the UFC 84 press conference, BJ Penn would undoubtedly retain the lightweight championship. Penn really lays into Sean Sherk on this conference call.

“Sean Sherk did you take any steroids for this fight? …what about growth hormone? …what about blood doping? …let me know, let me know.”

Sean remained surprisingly calm despite Penn yelling in his ear like a schoolyard bully. I’ve never heard BJ fired up like this before. It will be interesting to see if either let their emotions get them out of their game plans.

Dana White ‘no longer wants to be in the Tito Ortiz business’

The Tito Ortiz/Dana White trash talking has really picked up in the past two weeks. Not surprisingly, Ortiz has not shied away from the Dana White/leaving the UFC topic.

Tito on fair pay:

It's not a factor of getting paid a bunch of money, it's just a factor of getting little pieces of everything. Anything that my name's on, I should get a piece of. DVDs, I should get a piece of. Merchandise, I should get a piece of. They make a video game and I'm in the video game, I should get a piece of it. Because they're selling it! They’re using my name to sell it! How come I'm not going to get any revenue because of it?

Tito on respect:

I think it’ll spark a new fire underneath me, knowing that there’s a company that’s going to push me, and not really hinder me on my image or talk smack about me, or say how much of a moron I am, or … just negative stuff that’s around me. I want to go somewhere that’s all positive, you know. Where people care about me and people are going to support me like the champion that I am.

Tito on the Bad Blood: Dana White vs. Tito Ortiz Spike TV special:

The special was all about Dana White, flying around in Lear jets. We agreed to do a 50/50 split on revenues, but then he would never sign a bout agreement. I did all my medicals, just like a regular fight. Then they made it look like he was standing there at the weigh-ins and I didn’t show up.

Oh but wait. Tito says there’s still a chance:

You know what it really comes down to is just (UFC president) Dana White. If he learns to shut his mouth and learns to respect me there is a possibility yet. (He needs to) give a public apology for the things that he has done. That is just what it really comes down to, but I want to go with a company that is going to respect me and see me as the champion I am and the ambassador that I am of the sport and not really downplay me or disrespect me on television or anything else.

Dana’s apology:

Tito is a f—ing idiot. He’s one of the dumbest human beings I’ve ever met. Everything that comes out of his mouth makes no sense.

I put up with his s— when he was a good fighter. He’s not anymore.

He’s not in anybody’s Top 10. I have no interest whatsoever in being in the Tito Ortiz business. … I’ve never wanted to see anyone get their ass kicked worse than I want to see Tito get his kicked next Saturday night.

Tito makes some very valid points, but at the end of the day, these two have acted like a couple of third graders on a schoolyard playground. They really need to just go their separate ways.

The sport needs a guy like Tito to help it grow beyond the UFC, but will he really leave? I hope so, but I wouldn’t be surprised in the least bit if he didn’t. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Audio credit: Brawl Sports