EliteXC: Primetime PosterWith May 31 rapidly approaching, CBS is kicking its media and marketing machine into high gear in efforts to make the first-ever network televised MMA card a success. What will define the event as a success is said to be 3-4 million viewers, although CBS Primetime Senior Executive Vice President Kelly Kahl claims they are “we’ll know it when we see it” numbers. Even if the show doesn’t hit those “numbers”, it doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be a second chance, says Kahl.

“If the results are less than outstanding, we’ll try and regroup and see what we did wrong.”

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the show pulls 8 million viewers. Am I crazy? Probably.

Kimbo Slice CBS Ad Videos

I like the ads. I’m glad to see they aren’t emphasizing the street fights. Plus, they’re funny in that cheesy kind of way.

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Detective Slice

Kimbo and Mom

EliteXC/CBS Press Conference & Interviews

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EliteXC/CBS Press Conference

Gina Carano

Phil Baroni Being Phil Baroni

Nick Diaz Interview