Every time I look at my opponents, my body’s shaking. I am crazy you know.

-Wanderlei Silva, Countdown to UFC 84

There’s no fighter I’m a bigger fan of than Wanderlei Silva. He’s dropped his last three fights, albeit to top competitors. This fight against Keith Jardine is highly pivotal in his career. There’s no doubt he needs the win.

There was something missing in Wand in the Liddell fight. He didn’t have the swagger, and was even smiling on the way to the cage. I don’t want to see a smile. I want to see the Wand who comes out to the ring looking like he’s possessed. The Wand who is so scary and intimidating he instills fear into the opponent who stands across from him. The Wand who has no regard for his own body, who goes a hundred miles an hour trying to rip his opponent’s head off.

I want to see “The Axe Murderer.”