Andrei Arlovski On Adrenaline MMA PosterIf this meet-and-greet announcement for Monte Cox’s Adrenaline MMA debut event is any indication, Andrei Arlovski may have actually signed with Adrenaline.

Fans who purchase a ringside seat for the Adrenaline MMA event on June 14 at the Sears Centre Arena, will be able to attend a Meet-and-Greet session prior to the show.

Tim Sylvia, Ben Rothwell and Andre Arlovski will join the Adrenaline MMA ring girls at the Meet-and-Greet session. Affliction, one of the event sponsors, has agreed to give a T-shirt to each person with a ringside ticket attending the session.

One rumor floating around was that Arlovski would sign with Adrenaline and Cox would loan him out to Affliction for their July 19 ‘Banned’ pay-per-view event to fight IFL heavyweight star and Adrenaline signee, Ben Rothwell.

Perhaps that is what is happening here. Monte Cox is too smart to promote Arlovski at a meet-and-greet unless he has him signed or someone lends Arlovski out to them. And the UFC is definitely not going to be the ones that allow Arlovski to attend another promotion’s meet-and-greet session.

Is news imminent?