Dana WhiteKimbo Slice has been causing quite the controversy lately. Although Dana White has stated that he would sign Kimbo “tomorrow” if Kimbo ever beat a legitimate contender, he hasn’t shied away from taking shots at him in the meantime. In White’s latest spout, he took a moment to tell everyone how his Lightweight Champion, BJ Penn, would beat EliteXC’s heavyweight poster boy, Kimbo Slice.

The amount of talent and fights we put on are second to none. Think about it, the CBS fight that they are coming up with, who gives a crap about Kimbo Slice? This guy can’t fight MMA. You know what would happen if he fought in the UFC? I’d put him in against BJ Penn and (Slice) would get annihilated. The guy he is fighting, James Thompson, might get knocked out before he gets into the cage. Kimbo has no credibility at all in MMA. … I am telling you, BJ Penn would beat him.

Well Dana, actually a lot of people give a crap about Kimbo. Love him or hate him, I think a lot of people are going to tune in May 31 to see Kimbo fight. I don’t think Dana would be so eager to sign him to fight Liddell if he didn’t know how valuable of a commodity Kimbo is turning into. Trust me, Dana knows where the money is.

Gary ShawEliteXC President, Gary Shaw, however, didn’t take White’s comments so well, and had a few words of his own for Dana during a media conference call yesterday.

Dana White is a jerkoff. That’s what Dana White is, a fucking idiot, and you can quote me on that. If he cared about mixed martial arts and the sport instead of caring about his big ass swimming pool and his own personal gains, he’d understand that statements like that make someone into a jerk. First of all, I love BJ Penn and he is a friend of mine. Kimbo Slice, one shot, would knock BJ Penn out, a 155 pounder. But they are never going to fight, it is an idiotic statement from a complete idiot… Dana White’s an idiot. And if he wasn’t an idiot, May 31 would have been the UFC instead of EliteXC. I rest my case.

Gary Shaw is obviously not afraid to speak his mind. If EliteXC find success on CBS and turns itself around, this is just the tip of the iceberg. If nothing else, it should be entertaining to say the least.