Fedor Emelianenko and Tim Sylvia are this week’s guests on HDNet’s “Inside MMA” to promote their upcoming bout on July 19 at Affliction ‘Banned.’

Sylvia told everyone at yesterday’s press conference not to count him out.

I’m not a sacrificial lamb. They needed a guy that was not only good enough but who wanted to fight Fedor. A lot of guys won’t fight him. He deserves all the respect he gets, he’s earned it, but I know I have a chance to win. In the end he’s six feet tall and I’m six-foot-eight so obviously I’m going to keep try and keep it standing. He finishes most guys by armbar and I’m training a lot of armbar defense. I have a great camp back in Iowa and a lot of great guys to train with. If I can keep it standing and stay out of a bad position I will come out on top.

It’s going to be a tall-order (bad pun intended) for Tim Sylvia to take Fedor out.