Sean Gannon

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If you thought Kimbo was going to be stepping up in competition with each fight, you may be sorely mistaken. Kimbo Slice, the Youtube streetfighting legend, lost only one fight in his backyard brawling days. The man that beat him was Sean Gannon, a Boston police officer, who tried to capitalize on his win over the infamous Kimbo by taking a fight in the UFC against Brandon Lee Hinkle. Gannon, however, quickly learned that fighting in the cage is not the same as fighting on the street and was quickly dispelled by Hinkle.

With Kimbo now approaching mainstream stardom, it appears Gannon might get another shot to live his fifteen minutes of fame in a sanctioned mixed martial arts bout against Slice himself. And it’s a fight Kimbo wants more than any other.

According to the cover story ESPN The Magazine did on Kimbo, it appears the fight may already be in the works, perhaps to be broadcast on CBS.

The bosses at Elite XC say it’d be an easy sell to CBS.

A six-time New England Golden Gloves champ, Gannon still trains at a Boston MMA gym to stay sharp. He’s been a cop for 12 years and likes his job. But when the money is right—and insiders expect an agreement by year’s end—he’ll hope for permission to meet Slice in the cage, arguing that Boston cops have received approval to box. If told no, Gannon faces a decision: fight and deal with the consequences, or quit his job and chase an MMA career.

Needless to say, with Gannon and Tyson fights looming, it looks like the biggest test Kimbo is going to get anytime soon is James Thompson.