Tito vs Randy Couture II? I’m not so sure how interested Randy would be for that fight other than the money that could potentially come from it.

Tito mentions Donald Trump in the segment. If you watched this past season of The Apprentice, you know how much Donald Trump likes Tito. If fact, he gave him an extra fifty grand to give to Tito’s charity out of his own pocket. Donald also hosted the Affliction ‘Banned’ press conference at Trump Tower in New York the other day. Trump is good friends with Vince McMahon, who has been sniffing around MMA for awhile. Trump likes money. I would not be surprised at all if “the Donald” slowly sneaks his way into MMA at some point if it really takes off in the mainstream this year.

Video of Trump speaking at the Affliction press conference after the jump.

I’ve never imagined Donald Trump standing next to Fedor Emelianenko. If that’s not a sign for how far this sport has come, I don’t know what is.