Heath Herring “The Texas Crazy Horse,” Heath Herring has agreed to step in and replace the injured Mark Coleman in a UFC 87 bout against former WWE superstar, Brock Lesnar, according to MMAWeekly.com. After a disappointing start in the UFC, going 1-2, with losses to Jake O’Brien and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Herring rebounded at UFC 82 with a decision victory over Cheick Kongo. Lesnar made his much anticipated UFC debut against Frank Mir at UFC 81, and quickly grabbed everyone’s attention with his explosiveness. His inexperience, however, did him in as Frank Mir was able to weather the storm and catch Lesnar in a kneebar forcing Lesnar to tap.

I’m actually looking much more forward to this match-up than I was with Lesnar and Coleman. Lesnar is essentially a much younger, faster, stronger, and more explosive version of “The Hammer.” Coleman certainly had the edge in experience, but as you will see below, he is much smaller now than he was in the early days of the UFC and PRIDE. His current size would put him at a huge disadvantage to the massive Lesnar, who actually cuts weight to make the 265lbs weight limit.

Herring, while not a world-beater by any means, has fought most of the top competition this sport has to offer—Fedor, Cro Cop, Nogueira, Vovchanchyn, Belfort. Although, he lost most of those fights, he still brings in a world’s more worth of experience as compared to the 1-1 Lesnar. What really has hurt Herring stateside, however, has been the unified rules. Herring’s bread-and-butter has been his ability to put his opponents on their backs and rain knees down on their head, which is forbidden in the UFC. However, with the superior strength, size and wrestling ability of Lesnar, the chances Herring could actually put Lesnar in that position is probably pretty slim. Herring can take one hell of beating though. He’s nothing if not resilient, so I would expect Herring to put up a better fight than the older and undersized Coleman.

Coleman Looks Small

I’ve never seen Ariel Helwani in person, but he doesn’t strike me as a large human being. Coleman looks very average sized next to him.

In contrast here’s Coleman in PRIDE after losing to Fedor (NSFW)