Sokoudjou Claims Shogun Ducked Him; Shogun Responds

Sokoudjou decided to up the ante in an interview with after he called Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua out during his post-fight interview at UFC 84.

I would love to fight that guy. I’ve tried to fight him ever since I fought in PRIDE and he’s been ducking me. Shogun has been ducking me since the PRIDE days. Shogun’s camp told me that to fight him, I had to fight Cyborg first. I told them I want to fight Shogun, not Cyborg, and then Pride went away and now he’s in the UFC and he hasn’t fought for a minute. I know he got injured for his last fight, but I think by the time I’m ready to fight again, hopefully he should be ready and will take the fight.

Good luck to him trying to get me to the ground. I got my ass kicked once on the ground so you think I just went home and didn’t do anything on the ground? I spent hours and hours fighting off of my back.

Whoa! Ducking someone is pretty big accusation in MMA, especially towards a group of Brazilian assassins, aka Chute Boxe. Good thing for Sokoudjou, Chute Boxe is hardly a shell of its former self after most of its top fighters left including Shogun, but still.

However, it does appear Shogun has decided to take the high road, at least until Sokoudjou decides to escalate this further.

They can match me up against anyone and I’ll be happy. It is Dana White and the guys at the UFC who decide who I fight with. I’m not going to give this guy any attention, even because I have fought better fighters than him. He wanted to fight me and I never said yes or no – they just didn’t make it happen and he ended up fighting Ricardo Arona at Pride’s last event. I never heard anything about Chute Boxe telling him he’d have to fight Evangelista Cyborg before me, like he said. I’ll fight him like I have always fought all top competitors.

Like I’ve said before, I would much rather see Shogun fight Chuck next. It’s a match that was supposed to happen. If their recoveries go according to plan, they both should be ready to go about the same time. Even though Shogun lost to Forrest and looked terrible doing so, I don’t believe we saw the real Shogun at UFC 76. He looked nothing at all like he has in the past, and can still be a top competitor in the light heavyweight division.

Shogun should be able to take care of Sokoudjou rather easily, providing the Shogun of old shows up. Rua has some sick ground skills and we all saw what Machida did to Sok on the ground at UFC 79. I don’t care how many hours Sok has trained in the six months since that fight. He’s just nowhere near the level of grappling that Shogun is at.

Sokoudjou may find out he was rattling the wrong cage.