Randy CoutureRandy Couture tells The Canadian Press that he’s ‘OK’ with never fighting again if the court rules in Zuffa’s favor.

I’m confident I’ll fight again. I’m also OK with the idea that it may not happen. I may get a bad (court) ruling and I can’t really see myself at this point going back and fighting two more times for the UFC if that’s what the state says I have to do. So there’s the potential I could be done fighting and I’m OK with that too.

I’m in a unique position in my life and my career that I’ve kind of been there and done that as far as the fighting goes. I still love to fight, I’m physically capable of doing it, so having the passion I have for it, I want to do it. But if doesn’t work out that way that’s OK too.

Couture resigned from the UFC last fall for many reasons, one of which was to seek out a fight with Fedor Emelianenko after the UFC was unable to sign him. Couture and Zuffa are now in middle of a lawsuit to determine if his contract ends in July freeing him to fight Fedor later this year, or if his he must fight the two remaining fights on his contract regardless of time and dates specified in the contract.

It will be a damn shame if the Randy/Fedor fight never happens because of contracts. 100% of the top fighters in the world need to be allowed to fight each other. As fans, we are being cheated out of some tremendous fights, and that needs to change.