Kimbo Slice and Brett Rogers

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It looks like Brett Rogers’ little stunt calling out Kimbo Slice at the EliteXC/CBS post-fight press conference may have worked. In a report from AOL Fanhouse, Michael David Smith passed on news that Kimbo confirmed his next fight would be against Brett Rogers.

Slice appeared on Dan Le Batard’s radio show today and said he’ll fight Rogers next, “probably in October.”

“They called me out, and now they got the fight,” Slice said of Rogers and his camp.

Slice acknowledged that his aura took a bit of a hit with the way he struggled to defeat Thompson, but he insisted, “I was in shape. I was ready. I was ready for a battle.”

Before we can go and call this a done deal, I’m not so sure Gary Shaw and EliteXC will agree this will be Kimbo’s next fight. Shaw stated after the CBS event last Saturday that a Kimbo/Rogers fight would not be happening anytime soon.

The fact of the matter is, Kimbo is just not ready for Rogers at this point. I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that Kimbo could go in and knock him out, but if he doesn’t do it early, he will likely be in for a world of hurt. Plus, if anyone deserves a shot at Kimbo, its Thompson. He got cheated out of a possible win and deserves a rematch.

EliteXC has nearly all their eggs in Kimbo’s basket, and they need to keep him undefeated, at least until they can bring in another big draw. Much of their success or failure hinges on Kimbo’s drawing power. I believe people still want to see Kimbo fight despite losing some of his luster against Thompson, but if he is embarrassed his next time out, I’m not so sure people will still care.

EliteXC and Gary Shaw know that, and that’s why I doubt they’ll make this fight, although I acknowledge Kimbo’s sense of pride for accepting the challenge.

Rogers antics at the press conference were classless in my opinion, but thats the fight game, and Rogers played the game well.