Kimbo Slice and Brett Rogers

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Looks like all the hype that Brett Rogers created for himself and Kimbo was too much for Gary Shaw to ignore.


EliteXC Live Events President Gary Shaw told on Friday that a heavyweight tilt between Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson and burgeoning nemesis Rogers is a likelihood for October.

“Kimbo says he wants Rogers. Rogers says he wants Kimbo. If that’s what they want, we’ll make it happen,” said Shaw.

Yesterday, we passed along news that Kimbo Slice had accepted Rogers’ challenge during a radio interview on The Dan Le Batard Show. But, Shaw was so adament after the post-fight press conference that this fight was not going to happen, I thought EliteXC would try and sweep it under the rug for the time being. Apparently, all the hype has backed Shaw into a corner forcing him to make it.

Nice job Rogers. You just single handily pulled a fight with arguably the biggest draw in MMA out of thin air.