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DREAM.4 took place early Sunday morning in Yokohama, Japan. The second round of the middleweight grand prix was featured in the Japanese organization’s fourth outing. Shinya Aoki and Katsuhiko Nagata battled it out to determine who would take the final spot in DREAM’s lightweight grand prix.

With a decisive victor in the Aoki/Nagata match, DREAM has revealed the semi-final match-ups via its website, dreamofficial.com.

DREAM.4 results and lightweight grand prix match-ups after the jump.

DREAM.4 Results

  • Melvin Manhoef defeats Kazushi Sakuraba via TKO Round One
  • Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza defeats Jason Miller via Unanimous Decision
  • Zelg Galesic defeats Taiei Kin via TKO (Arm Injury) in Round One
  • Gegard Mousasi defeats Yoon Dong Sik via Unanimous Decision
  • Hideo Tokoro defeats Darren Uyenoyama via Unanimous Decision
  • Ralek Gracie defeats Gadzhiev Alavutdin via Submission in Round One
  • Alistair Overeem defeats Lee Tae Hyun via Knockout in Round One
  • Shinya Aoki defeats Katsuhiko Nagata via Submission in Round One

Quick Thoughts

  • Shinya Aoki is a wizard. Not that we didn’t know that before, but the submission he pulled off against Nagata was incredible. If you missed it, Aoki not only pulled off a rare gogoplata, he did it from top position. I’ve never seen it done before, and if it has happened, I would imagine only someone like Jordan Breen has actually seen it. The guys over at Five Oz. of Pain are calling it an ‘Aokiplata.’ I agree, especially if its never been done before.
  • Kazushi Sakuraba got absolutely destroyed by Melvin Manhoef, exactly how people were expecting it to go down. Manhoef is a scary striker, and he showed exactly why earlier today. I think Sajuraba has taken enough beatings to deserve a different match-up.
  • Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza can compete in MMA. I’ll be honest, as amazing of a grappler that Souza is, I expected Mayhem Miller would use his well-rounded MMA game to keep the fight standing and punish Souza. While Miller got the better of the stand-up exchanges, he just couldn’t keep the fight there. A win for Souza over Miller definitely proves that the perceived one-dimensional Jacare is a legitimate competitor in mixed martial arts.
  • Zelg Galesic vs Taiei Kin is cursed. Today’s fight ended a freak accident with Kin’s elbow bending the wrong way. Their first fight ended due to a bad cut above Kin’s eye. Kin needs to wear full body armor and rub a rabbit’s foot if they fight again.
  • The Gracie’s are not known for being strikers. That said, Ralek Gracie really needs to at least devote a little time to any form of striking before he gets hurt. He got by last night, but I’m not so sure he will in the future. Watch the video. Enough said.

DREAM.5 Lightweight Grand Prix Semi-Final Match-Ups Revealed

  • Shinya Aoki vs Caol Uno
  • Eddie Alvarez vs Tatsuya Kawajiri

DREAM.5 is looking to be an awesome event. Definitely DREAM’s best effort. Check out the latest DREAM.5 fight card in our fight cards section.