I’m sorry, but as unprofessional and disrespectful as the Diaz brothers were, Noons Sr. isn’t any better and in my opinion, worse. Diaz entering the cage after Noon’s victory was an obvious attempt by EliteXC to hype up a rematch between KJ and Nick. Nick and Nate were certainly being disrespectful by throwing the middle finger around, but when Noons Jr. went after Diaz, his father should have grabbed him and held him back. Instead, he first went after Nate, and then Nick, both likely less than half his age.

Nick and Nate are old enough to know better, but immaturity is still present in the early 20’s. However, Noons Sr., likely in his late 40’s or 50’s, has no damn excuse for going after them like he did and then talking shit about on camera.

“They’re just punks and I hope we don’t see them out tonight.” Are you serious? Absolutely classless.

Seriously, Mr. Noons, grow up and act your damn age.

CR: Sherdog.com

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