Dana White

Photo courtesy of Sherdog.com

Dana White’s “mind-blowing” announcement is now supposedly coming tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon. Don’t get your hopes up though, because Dana has apparently admitted that while the announcement is huge for the UFC, it will likely disappoint fans.

Wednesday will be a major day for the company as at noon Pacific time, White is going to make the much-talked about major announcement to his staff. He conceded that a lot of fans will think it’s a disappointment, but in his view, it’s huge, comparing it to the announcement of the Bud Lite sponsorship deal earlier this year, which he thinks as a corporate partner was gigantic but it was not a major story within the MMA world.

If you happen to be near a radio, and more importantly, still interested in what White has to say, keep your ears open because BloodyElbow.com has received word that Dana White will be appearing on large market radio shows across the country, although it was not confirmed exactly what White intends to talk about.

Just in case White believes the sale of the UFC wouldn’t be an interesting announcement for the fans, MMAPayout.com has one more rumor to throw in the hat.

In what would fit the bill as an industry changing announcement, MMAPayout.com has learned that Bertelsmann Media, a German based international entertainment company, is rumored to have had advanced discussions about acquiring a controlling interest in Zuffa.

In a move that could be related to a potential acquisition of Zuffa, the company announced its intention to sell its 50% stake in Sony BMG Music earlier this year. The last obstacle to the sale was removed last week when EU regulators confirmed an earlier anti-trust ruling, ratifying the previous merger of Sony and BMG. That sale is expected to generate in excess of $1 billion.

Considering the fiasco that this announcement has turned into, I highly doubt Bertelsmann Media buying the UFC is going to be the big reveal.

[UPDATE 6/18/2008 1:39PM ET] – This rumor has now been debunked.

Whatever today’s major announcement is, it does NOT appear to be a sale of the company, particularly to Bertelsmann Media as was rumored yesterday. A spokesperson for Bertelsmann denied that the company has any interest in acquiring the UFC according to a report from Germany’s GroundandPound.de.

Hopefully, tomorrow will finally be the day we can put this behind us.