TUF Shocking MomentIn case you missed it, “the most shocking twist in TUF” history did end up with one of the finalists being kicked off the show. That finalist was Jesse Taylor. From the surveillance video, it appeared someone had kicked a window out of the limousine, which turned out to be case with Taylor being the culprit. According to White, Taylor then proceeded to go to the casino bar and began to “terrorize” the females that were hanging out there. When security was called in, Taylor began to yell that he was a “UFC fighter.” This didn’t sit well with White, prompting him to kick Taylor off the finale and out of the UFC.

Let me preface this by saying that I in no way condone what Jesse Taylor did. He certainly deserved what the punishment he received. However, how the hell is this any different from what has become a time-honored tradition each season of the cast members destroying the Ultimate Fighter house? This season brought arguably the worst destruction the house has ever seen. Walls were smashed. Guard rails were torn down. Furniture was thrown. The list goes on. How was Taylor kicking the limo window out any different?

Dana stated that Taylor’s actions are not representative of how a UFC fighter acts, and that he should have went to jail. If thats the case, then why doesn’t he come out and say the same things and dole out the same punishments to the countless fighters who have terrorized the house they’re provided to live in? Well, thanks to previous cast members such as Richie Hightower and Mike Dolce, we’ve learned that not only did their actions go without consequences, but the producers of the show actually encourage that kind of behavior and provide them with all the alcohol they desire as a catalyst.

Perhaps you can make the argument that Taylor’s situation was different because it was done outside the controlled environment of The Ultimate Fighter house and in the public eye, but many more see what happens on the show than witnessed what transpired in the parking garage and the casino bar, so I fail to see how that arguments holds true. If White and the UFC are truly worried about how fighters acting like drunken frat boys and destroying property will adversely affect the perception of their company and the sport, then why promote those actions in the first place?

Bottom line, it’s all about the ratings and Spike TV and the UFC have used both events this season to boost them.

Jesse Taylor deserved to be kicked off the show, but the fact that he was screams of hypocrisy.