Kimbo Slice and Brett Rogers

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According to EliteXC matchmaker, Jared Shaw, Brett Rogers will get his shot at Kimbo Slice this October, although it’s not a lock to be on a CBS card. Shaw spoke with, and confirmed the news.

EliteXC Vice President and matchmaker Jared Shaw informed that the two men will indeed meet in October to play out their rivalry. The fight will “more than likely” take place on CBS but will depend on other variables such as timing and platform availability.

“It depends on the timing of which platform we’re on that month and week and what works for Rogers and Kimbo, but they’ve got each other,” said Shaw. “This fight will happen in October.”

As much as I didn’t care for it, Brett Rogers essentially landed the biggest fight he could possibly get by calling out Kimbo at the EliteXC ‘Primetime’ post-fight press conference. Not the most eloquent move, but highly effective nonetheless. The only reason I can imagine them not putting this fight on CBS is because they don’t want millions of people to see Kimbo lose.