EliteXC CBS July 26 Unfinished Business

Is this legit?

It’s definitely starting to look like it. I ran across the image above over at Bloody Elbow yesterday. I initially thought it was fake, especially since it was found in a forum. It looks like it was thrown together in five minutes in Photoshop, and EliteXC’s promotional images are typically of much higher quality. Just another fake rumor being posted by another troll on a message board, right?

Well, maybe not. This image has all of a sudden become more legit with various outlets reporting that Nick Diaz has been pulled from his DREAM.5 fight against Hayato ‘Mach’ Sakurai on July 21. Fightline.com spoke with EliteXC matchmaker Jared Shaw about the situation with Diaz.

“EliteXC has some really big plans for Nick Diaz and having him fight for DREAM is something we’re open to anytime, but right now…there’s some big things coming in the next few months for Nick with EliteXC.”

“There’s some interesting things out there for Nick right now with Elite; some big things being discussed. You’ve got KJ Noons, Eddie Alvarez and the rest of the 160 pound division.”

Five Oz. of Pain takes it one step further and suggests the rematch between KJ Noons and Diaz is in the works to take place in Diaz’s hometown, Stockton, California on the July 26 CBS event.

While no official announcement has been made, multiple sources have informed Five Ounces of Pain that rematch between Diaz and K.J. Noons for Noons’ EliteXC lightweight title is expected to be added to the promotion’s next primetime broadcast on CBS on July 26.

Sources have also indicated that plans to hold “Unfinished Business” in St. Louis have been scrapped and that the July 26 show is now likely to be held in at the Stockton Arena in Diaz’s hometown of Stockton, Calif.

According to an unnamed source, it’s considered likely that the event is being moved from St. Louis due to a concern that several major sporting events are already scheduled to take place in the city during a close proximity to the July 26 event.

Noons and Diaz made waves last weekend at “Return of the King” with their altercation that took place following Noon’s victory. What was supposed to be an exchange of words to hype up a rematch nearly turned into an all-out brawl in the cage. Regardless of whether or not that kind of thing belongs in MMA, it certainly did its job in generating interest in the rematch.

If this fight is indeed added to EliteXC’s CBS lineup for July 26, it would be the third confirmed title fight on the card. Antonio Silva has also been rumored to be fighting for the EliteXC Heavyweight Championship in addition to the confirmed fights for the middleweight and welterweight titles. If Noons and Diaz are added, EliteXC would likely have to bump Silva and the heavyweight title off the card as a two hour time slot on CBS would not be nearly enough time for four five-round championship bouts.

We’ll keep you posted. EliteXC and CBS’s second outing is beginning to look like a really good event.

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