Quinton Rampage JacksonEarlier today, we posted about Wanderlei Silva helping Forrest Griffin prepare for ‘Rampage’ Jackson at UFC 86. Apparently, Wandy has been offering advice to Forrest on his Muay Thai clinch game, which Silva used so effectively in his two destructions of ‘Rampage’ in PRIDE. While Rampage has hopefully developed a defense for his biggest perceived weakness since then, he doesn’t seem too concerned about Forrest using it in their upcoming title fight.

Instead, ‘Rampage’ thinks the only aspect that Forrest has the upper hand in his leg kicks. From CagePotato.com:

I think [Forrest] puts together kicks pretty good. I’ll give him that. He kicks better than me. He’s got better leg kicks, but that’s it.

Forrest brings a little more to the table than leg kicks, but I don’t think we’ll see him knocking ‘Rampage’ senseless with his knees either. A lot of people like to point to Forrest’s win over ‘Shogun’ as an indicator that Forrest has a good chance to win this fight, but that ‘Shogun’ was not the same ‘Shogun’ that destroyed ‘Rampage’. That’s something even Forrest admits.

“Rampage” recently said that he didn’t really watch your fight with “Shogun” Rua because he thought “Shogun” was so bad that night that even his girlfriend could have beat him. Do you think that the “Shogun” you beat was not the same one who beat “Rampage” back in Pride?

I had no idea he said that until just now. Wow. But I think Shogun was not a hundred percent when I fought him, that’s for sure. I think he had more to offer than we saw when he fought me.

As much as ‘Rampage’ hates training, he surprisingly doesn’t consider it to be the hardest part of being a MMA fighter. What is, you ask?

The hardest part of being an MMA fighter is when you fight and then the government takes half your money for taxes. Some of the fights it’s like you go out there and almost didn’t even get paid for it.

Uncle Sam didn’t do a damn thing for you, but then takes half your money. They ain’t taking no punches. They ain’t doing none of that. I know the government calls it taxes, but I call it pimping. I don’t mind helping out, doing my part. I don’t mind that. But don’t take half my damn money.

Good thing Jackson doesn’t know that there’s not even a law that says you have to pay income taxes. Yeah, tell him that before he steps in the Octagon Saturday night.