Forrest GriffinNo fighter holds a pair of more brutal victories over current UFC Light Heavyweight Champ, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, than Wanderlei Silva does. With Wandy now doing much of his training in the same camp as Forrest Griffin, Xtreme Couture, its no surprise to hear that Wandy has been helping Forrest prepare for the biggest challenge of his career when he faces ‘Rampage’ Jackson on July 5 for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.

According to many insiders, Wanderlei Silva – who also trains at Xtreme Couture and holds two crushing victories over Quinton Jackson while both were fighting for Pride – has been in Griffin’s ear and in his face for the Ultimate Fighter alum’s training camp for this bout. It’s something that Griffin readily confirms and has reaped tremendous confidence from.

“Wanderlei is just an animal… He’s not normal. You work out with him, see him in here; he’s on his own world man. You really got to be a specific guy with a specific skill set and specific cardio to fight like Wanderlei. I can’t emulate his style,” admitted Griffin, not giving any impression that he intends to fight Wanderlei’s fight against the champion.

He has acquired some fight advice from Wanderlei though. “The one thing he said was immediately grab the head and throw the knee instead of trying to set it up and make the perfect… bam! Grab and go, start throwing, don’t sit there and let him think about it.”

While I seriously doubt—as Griffin admits—we’ll see Silva/Jackson III in the form of Griffin/Jackson, it’s definitely a plus to have someone on your side who not only knows how to beat your opponent, but has lived it too. Griffin has his work cut out for him though. ‘Rampage’ has improved tremendously since his brutal losses to Wanderlei and Shogun, and I’m quite certain Juanito Ibarra will have Rampage prepared for anything Forrest throws at him.

We’ll find out Saturday night.

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