Dana WhiteAfter seven seasons of watching the The Ultimate Fighter cast members destroy the TUF house, Dana White says the UFC will be cracking down on such behavior starting with season eight. Despite numerous fighters from several different seasons stating publicly that producers from the show encouraged the taped destruction and provided unlimited alcohol as a catalyst, White tells Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports that they’re all lying.

It has become something of a tradition during the filming of the reality series for the fighters to trash the house. Though several fighters said they were indirectly encouraged to do so, White vehemently denied the fighters were ever told how to act in any way. He said repairs to the staircase that was damaged during Season 7 cost nearly $70,000. He said fighters of Season 8 – which completed filming last week and will begin airing in September – were told they’d have to pay for any damage they did.

“Whoever told you we encouraged them to tear up the house is (an expletive) liar. Nobody ever told them what to do on the show. A lot of guys, they get off the show and they’re embarrassed by what they’ve done. And think about this: I’ve faced a lot of challenges since we’ve had the UFC, but I have a kid (Taylor) who pissed his pants on television and now I have to turn him into a star.

That roughly translates to: We got away with it for seven whole (an expletive) seasons to boost television ratings. At the end of last season we (an expletive) up and booted Jesse Taylor off the finale. Now we look like (an expletive) hypocrites in the media, so we better make sure that (an expletive) (an expletive) doesn’t happen again.

C’mon! Does anybody really buy this? Multiple fighters from multiple seasons have stated they were encouraged by such behavior. Perhaps, it was Spike TV’s producers doing it, but the three names that roll as executive producers on the credits are Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta, and Frank Fertitta III. If they really condemned such behavior, it would have happened once at the very most, not seven. (An expletive) ridiculous.

In other TUF news, White apparently thinks he has “the next Anderson Silva” in the form of a lightweight on their eighth season’s cast. Guess it won’t take long to figure out who makes it to the finals. Whoever comes out head and shoulders above the rest destroying people in the first episode is probably the one. Maybe this guy?

In the shocking news item of the day, White also revealed the UFC has another special in the works to counter-program EliteXC’s second outing on network television on July 26. This will mark the third time the UFC has thrown together special programming in less than two months in response to the competition running live events on CBS and pay-per-view. In the UFC’s first attempt, despite pulling in roughly 1 million viewers for a Chuck Liddell special on Spike TV, EliteXC still had an excellent night peaking at 6.5 million viewers during the show’s main event.