Anderson SilvaDespite Dana White loathing the idea of one of his champions simultaneously owning belts in two different weight classes, he recently gave his blessing for UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva to chase the UFC Light Heavyweight Title. Silva’s fight against James Irvin on July 19 at UFN 14 was supposed to be his step towards making a run at the belt. Well, according to Anderson Silva, that isn’t the case at all. In fact, he feels fellow Brazilian and training partner Lyoto Machida deserves a shot at the light heavyweight title.

I don’t have intention to fight on this category and Im only doing this because they (UFC) asked me and I think I can do it. I don’t intend to fight for this belt, this belt belongs to Lyoto (Machida) and he already proved that. I’m going to fight because I like to fight and because I like challenges.

Either Dana White is making stuff up or they had a pretty shitty translator because there stories are pretty different. So win or lose, it doesn’t look like Silva will be making regular appearances at light heavyweight, at least not in the near future. It remains to be seen if a fight between Silva and Chuck Liddell, like many have speculated, will come to fruition. It certainly doesn’t look good for anytime soon though, especially with Chuck being right back in the thick of things in the light heavyweight title picture.

Speaking of Chuck, Machida and the debate of who deserves the next title shot (outside of Rampage), Machida has made some comments to about the situation. He knows exactly why Chuck will likely get the next title shot.

In my opinion, Quinton defeated Forrest, but they give it to Forrest. I think that now they are going to put him against Chuck Liddell to him to take the belt again. I think they prefer Chuck with the belt, he is a former champion, has more marketing and sell more.

It’s unfortunate that he will likely have to be twice as impressive inside the Octagon with twice as many wins as someone like Chuck to get his shot, but at least Machida understands it.

However, in reference to the anti-Affliction Ultimate Fight Night card of which he will headline, Anderson does not.

I don’t believe it to be an event dispute, I think that it is a way to show that the sport is growing. The UFC doesn’t dispute with other events. The UFC is the biggest event in the world and there is no dispute. Unfortunately the other events are on the same date. The UFC is going to appear on free television though which is very important for us and the fans.

Hopefully, that quote got lost in translation too.