The quick rundown.

  • DJ kisses Dana’s ass
  • Dana blasts “the f*cking t-shirt guy”
  • Dana asks, “Am I supposed to be worried about this?” (Probably not, but you apparently are…July 19? Anderson Silva? UFN 14? Anyone?)
  • DJ calls Affliction wearers losers because they “c-block” him (Aww)
  • DJ bitches about bloggers calling him out on kissing Dana’s ass
  • Dana says the internet is “where all the pussies live” cause we don’t use our real names (real name in right hand corner? check!)
  • DJ refers to MMA promotions as “federations” (hmm…)
  • Dana uses flawed NASCAR argument for the 1,564th time
  • DJ kisses UFC’s ass
  • Dana calls Tito a “moron”
  • Dana says internet guys never leave the basement
  • DJ kisses Dana’s ass one last time

Typical Dana White radio interview? Check!

“The f*cking t-shirt guy” responds after the jump.

In case you were wondering what Tom Atencio’s response to being “the f*cking t-shirt guy” is, here you go.

Dana White likes to call you the T-shirt guy. Do you have any pet names for Dana White?

No, you know what, I’m not even into that. I like whatever you want to call it, the high road, whatever. I just do what I do. Just like some fighters say, let’s do the talking in the ring. I prefer being that guy. I don’t need to sling mud. He’s the man, I’ll give him that. He’s the one who has been there from day one, I’m the new guy on the block, how’s that?

Fair enough. I will say that you when you do your talking in the ring, it’s quite a statement because this is a phenomenal card. I’m really excited about it. I think competition is good for MMA and you’re bringing it.

Well, I appreciate that. That’s what I’m here for, to give fans and fighters [a great event]. I build relationships, I don’t burn bridges. And I’m here to build relationships and hopefully they’re long lasting. And obviously, yeah, I’m a t-shirt guy, but these relationships started somewhere and they’re continuing. So I appreciate what you said and I think it’s a huge card. I’m looking forward to it.