Donald Trump AfflictionNo one has quite mastered the art of self-promotion quite like Donald Trump has. When “The Donald” talks, people listen. Money aside, Trump’s “drawing power” in the media and general public may be the greatest asset Trump brings to Affliction’s table. It’s safe to say that Affliction having Trump on their side brings them more attention than they would receive without him.

That leads me to something interesting Trump said earlier today on an Affliction Banned conference call.

My partners are fantastic. We have a very well capitalized company, very strong. We’ve sold out the arena very quickly and a lot of people were surprised at how quickly, but it sold out. It’s something that I do.

That would be great news for Affliction, except that all indicators say otherwise. Affliction VP Tom Atencio recently stated that approximately 8,500 tickets have been sold in a 13,000 seat capacity setup as of two weeks ago. Furthermore, a quick check at Ticketmaster reveals that tickets are available at nearly all the price points, although it’s impossible to tell how many are still available.

So how could Donald claim it was sold out?

Trump certainly is a busy man that likely devotes a very small percentage of his daily activities to Affliction. Perhaps, he was just misinformed or there was some sort of miscommunication. Or maybe, Donald, fully aware of actual ticket sales, purposely planted a seed in the media.

Like I said above, people listen when Donald speaks, so if he starts saying, “I’m Donald Trump. I have the greatest MMA event ever. It’s already sold out,” he’s likely to attract more attention than if he says, “I’m Donald Trump. I have the greatest MMA event ever. We’ve sold 65% of our tickets.” The media is going to bite on the former harder than the latter. The vast majority of people are going to believe what he says without ever thinking twice, and he’s one of few that can actually get away with it. Trump, admittedly, will bend the truth from time to time to leverage things in his favor. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was one of those times.

Trump also seems to very pleased with the way the partnership is running at this point, and claims he has become more involved than he ever intended.

I think I do add a certain credibility. I’m a very strong partner and I’m a good partner. I’ve certainly done a little bit more than I thought I would have done, but that’s to the good of the company.

I am absolutely impressed with Tom (Atencio, vice president of Affliction). I am absolutely impressed with the people that (Affliction has) hired to do the show. They really have got a great group of people.

So far, so good. Of course, we’ll see if he feels the same way the following Monday. Whatever happens, I’m quite certain he won’t be shy about it.