Dana White Wearing AfflictionI wasn’t going to make a whole post out of this, but Luke Thomas at BloodyElbow.com was able to dig up this picture on the right, which is pretty funny considering the current state of affairs between Dana White & the UFC and Affliction.

Tom Atencio responds to being called “the f*cking t-shirt guy”:

“[White] used to wear our clothes. He used to wear our T-shirts. Anybody who knows us, anybody who knows this line, knows we’re not a T-shirt company. We are a clothing company. We manufacture denim. We do sandals, board shorts, hoodies — everything you can think of.”

“But, apparently (to White), we’re a T-shirt company. Where does that comes from? I think it’s just business. I completely understand. Business is business, and he’s protecting his.”

Maybe Tom should have hooked Dana up with a few pairs of jeans and sandals. “The f*cking clothing guy” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.