Association of Boxing CommissionsWith all the backlash the ABC received stemming from their conference in which amendments were made to the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts, namely the weight class modifications, it appears they are deciding to take a step back and revisit those rules changes. A seven member committee—including heavyweights Keith Kizer from the NSAC, Armando Garcia from the CSAC, and Nick Lembo from the NJACB—has been formed to review the recent revisions and determine if they should stand.

The Association of Boxing Commissions has announced that the document entitled “Proposed Amendments for the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts,” encompassing definitions and interpretations of a multitude of terms set forth in the existing “Uniform Rules of Mixed Martial Arts” (effective April, 2001; a/k/a/ “The New Jersey Rules”), as well as several proposed amendments thereto, is intended solely as “Guidelines” to be considered by the ABC member commissions. The ABC emphasized that neither its member commissions, nor any other person, is to perceive this document as a mandate that each ABC member commission incorporate this document or any of its content into the laws and regulations under which the ABC member commissions respectively operate.

The Association of Boxing Commissions also has announced that it will form a seven member committee to conduct a thorough study of the current “Uniform Rules of Mixed Martial Arts” to determine what, if any, justification (medical or otherwise) may exist for amendment to the “Uniform Rules of Mixed Martial Arts.” The intent of the ABC has been, and continues to be, uniformity and unification; so that the rules of MMA are the same in each jurisdiction in which this growing combative sport is authorized.

Considering the negative reactions from the NSAC, OSAC, and NJACB, we probably don’t have to worry about the weight class changes anymore.