Rampage Jackson Arrested

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According to Luke Thomas over at BloodyElbow.com, Lt. Paul Dondero of the Costa Mesa Police Department has confirmed that there were no signs of drugs or alcohol involved in Quinton Jackson’s bizarre hit and run arrest that took place earlier today in California.

A Costa Mesa Police press release reveals that Jackson was talking on his cell while evading police.

A Motor Officer was monitoring traffic at the intersection of Newport Blvd and Broadway. He saw Jackson driving sound bound weaving in and out of traffic, with a flat front left tire speaking on his cell phone. The Motor Officer activated his lights and siren and initiated a traffic stop. Jackson ignored the Motor Officer and continued south bound on 17th weaving in and out of traffic to avoid being stopped.

Jackson drove over the raised center portion of the roadway at Cabrillo Ave. He lost control and drove up onto the sidewalk causing pedestrians to flee for their lives. Jackson regained control and continued southbound in the northbound lanes of Newport Blvd. As he crossed through the intersection with 17th St, he collided with a vehicle legally in the intersection. Jackson continued south bound on Newport Blvd running several red lights. The rubber from his left tire began to disintegrate at the PCH overpass. Jackson continued southbound onto the Balboa Peninsula running several more red lights, causing pedestrians to flee in terror. Jackson’s vehicle finally came to a stop at 18th St and Newport Blvd in the city of Newport Beach. Jackson was taken into custody by Costa Mesa Officers without incident.

Jackson was transported to the Costa Mesa City Jail and booked for; Felony Evading, Reckless Driving and Hit and Run. He was transported to the Orange County Jail and is being held in lieu of a $25,000.00 bail.

Prior to Motor Officer Barnes actions, Jackson had been involved in two separate collisions on the south bound 55 FWY. The CHP is taking those reports.

“He lost control and drove up onto the sidewalk causing pedestrians to flee for their lives.” “…causing pedestrians to flee in terror.” Seriously, could the police report be anymore dramatic?

While its great news to hear that there were no drugs or alcohol involved in the situation, I’m really stumped now why Rampage did this. According to the report it was believed he was part of a separate accident (the initial hit and run) before Officer Barnes saw him driving down the road with a flat tire on his cell phone. Assuming thats what happened, for whatever reason Rampage got in the first accident and fled, likely called someone for advice—who should have told him to pull over immediately—while trying to evade the cops. That’s just my speculation, but its the only logical explanation I can think of. I’m open to listening to any explanation, as long as it doesn’t involve GTAIV. We all know how much Quinton likes the video games.

Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Dana White was immediately on his way to California on a private jet to bail Quinton out upon hearing of the events. As previously reported, the Costa Mesa Police Department informed MMAConvert.com at 8:10PM ET that Quinton Jackson had been released from custody. It would appear someone bailed him out, presumably White.

While I do give Dana White a lot of heat for a lot of the things he says and does, you have to respect him for all the shit he has to deal with. This just adds onto the growing list of battles that White has to fight on a daily basis, and this isn’t going to be anything short of a public relations disaster for all parties involved, most of all, the UFC. As awesome as Dana White’s job sometimes seems, I am in no way envious of him.

A link to Sherdog’s story already hit the front page of ESPN.com, and it’s bound to make Sportscenter, which is a shame because it shouldn’t take this kind of news to be featured in the mainstream media.

It’s too early to tell what kind of blow this could have to the sport’s image, but one thing can be guaranteed, it won’t have a positive impact.