Aleksander Emelianenko

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Aleksander Emelianenko:

I’m ready. It doesn’t matter with who or where. On foot or on horseback. With maces or poleaxes. To fight. To first blood or to death. It doesn’t matter, I’m ready to fight.

It only takes one look at Aleksander Emelianenko to know he’s serious. If the giant tattoo of the grim reaper holding a baby on his back didn’t tip you off, maybe the stars tattooed on his knees, which symbolize, “I will never kneel,” will. Everytime I see Aleks, I get the overwhelming feeling that if I were ever to be caught up in the Russian mafia, he is the one they would send to kill me.

In the fight world, Aleks often lives in his brother, Fedor’s, shadow, but they are two very different individuals. Evgeni Kogan of had the opportunity to spend time with Aleksander and his family and give us an in-depth look at who Aleks really is. It’s very interesting and definitely worth a read. Turns out Kimbo isn’t the only heavyweight mixed martial artist who grew up on the “streets.” Part one is posted now. Part two is expected tomorrow.

Aleksander Emelianenko will be facing Paul Buentello this Saturday, July 19, on the Affliction “Banned” card. The bout will be aired during the free FSN portion of the event.