This interview apparently took place a day before his arrest, and Quinton does not seem like himself in it. It’s interesting that points out that he couldn’t sleep in the week leading up to the fight and things weren’t right for him. That may explain why he was flat during the fight and why he was so quick to concede defeat after it.

Late last night, I thought back to one of the earlier episodes of TUF this season when Rampage loses his temper. Under normal circumstances when someone loses their temper, they typically won’t go running over cars and starting a police chase, but if there are other factors in play, its a possibility his temper was exacerbated by those issues. Of course, that is just my own speculation.

Whatever the reason for the incident, it’s good to see there haven’t been a lot of people jumping to conclusions.

As we first reported last night, the Costa Mesa Police department informed that Quinton Jackson was released from custody late yesterday. Other various outlets confirmed this morning that Jackson’s bail was posted and he was released. This contradicts a report made by that Jackson was “medically unfit” to be booked and was taken to the OC Hospital. has made several attempts to confirm this report, all of which were unsuccessful. We’ll update this story if more details come in or confirmation is made that Quinton was hospitalized at any point.

This situation obviously puts the UFC is a difficult position. What do they do with Quinton Jackson? They’ve invested a lot of time and money into building Rampage into a star. Despite his loss to Forrest Griffin, Rampage star power is higher than it’s ever been. He would undoubtedly be one of the organization’s top drawing stars moving forward, but this obviously throws a monkey wrench into their plans.

While we wait to see what move the UFC makes, Frank Trigg has weighed in on the situation, and believes Rampage should be suspended or dropped. Steve Cofield has the audio. now has a video up of the arrest.