Quinton Rampage JacksonQuinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, on the heels of a bizarre hit and run incident and police chase, has been detained by police once again and taken to a local hospital in Irvine, California after reportedly exhibiting “unusal behavior.” It’s important to note that this is not a considered an arrest.

TMZ.com was first to report the news.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has been picked up by police again.

Sources say around 4:30 PM yesterday, friends who were hanging out with Rampage, waved down an Irvine police car after they were worried about his behavior. This, of course, following the insane chase the day before in which the UFC fighter hit several cars in his monster truck and was arrested at gunpoint.

We’re told Irvine cops saw Rampage, deemed him a danger to himself and others, and took him to a hospital for observation. Rampage was very coopertive with police.

Cops won’t officially confirm if it’s a psychiatric hold.

Mike Chiapetta with NBCSports.com has a few more details.

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson was admitted to a hospital on Wednesday for a mental health evaluation following an incident in which he was exhibiting “unusual behavior,” Irvine, Calif., police Lt. Rick Handfield told NBCSports.com on Thursday.

Handfield said that a passing officer was flagged down on a city street at about 4:30 pm on Wednesday, and one of the people at the residence who was an acquaintance or relative of Jackson’s told police they were “concerned about some alarming statements and unusual behavior he was exhibiting.”

The responding officer spoke to Jackson, who was cooperative, and officers detained him and transported him to a local hospital for a mental evaluation.

Handfield said Jackson is not being charged with any crime in the Irvine incident, and was considered a “mental health detainment.”

Jackson’s present status is unclear, as California’s HIPAA laws guarding medical privacy preclude police from giving any further information.

A UFC official reached said the company had no immediate comment.

While it was initially believed that there were no injuries resulting from the Jackson’s actions on Tuesday, it appears that may no longer be the case. While it doesn’t appear to be anything serious, the woman in question is pregnant. Daily Pilot has the story.

Former light heavyweight Ultimate Fighting Championship title-holder Quinton “Rampage” Jackson injured a Huntington Beach woman and may have injured her unborn child when he drove down along the 55 freeway median, authorities and the woman said Wednesday.

Holli Griggs, 38, was driving her 2007 Cadillac Escalade in the left lane on the southbound 55 freeway just south of Bay Street when Jackson’s gray-and-green monster truck sideswiped her as it continued down the freeway at 45 mph, California Highway Patrol officer Jennifer Hink said. The freeway turns into Newport Boulevard just south of there and is typically clogged with traffic at about the time of the accident, 1:30 p.m.

Jackson could face felony charges of a hit and run because Griggs was taken to the hospital for minor injuries, Hink said. In an e-mail sent to the Daily Pilot, Griggs said she and her unborn baby, 16 and a half weeks along, were injured but was not sure to what extent.

In regards to Tuesday’s incident, Jackson is scheduled for a hearing on August 15 at the Harbor Justice Center in Southern California. He will face a felony charge for police evasion, and two misdemeanor charges for hit and run and reckless driving.

Dana White did comment for the first time on the Rampage situation in a radio interview in Los Angeles.

“I’m actually here right now, I’m in Southern California. I’ve been dealing with this all day yesterday, I haven’t really gotten to the bottom of this yet. I don’t know what I’m going to do about it yet. Last night when he got out, Rampage is very religious…yeah I’m dealing with it.”

It’s pretty apparent that for whatever reason Jackson isn’t doing too well right now. He’s always been a tremendous contributor and a huge part of the sport we love, and from all previous accounts a great person to boot. Instead of jumping to conclusions, we should all show our support to Jackson in his tough times. We all go through them in some way, shape, or form.