Allstate ArenaThe rumor that the UFC would be holding a major pay-per-view event just one week following UFC 89, has now been confirmed by Dana White. UFC 90 will take place at the Allstate Arena in Chicago on October 25.

White confirmed the news to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Chicago is a huge market for us. We track pay-per-view buys for our events and ratings on Spike TV, and Chicago is a killer market for us.

There are tons of fans in Chicago and around Chicago, and it’s going to be one of the places we hit often. It’s a great fight town, and we’re really pumped that we’re finally getting this done.

No fights for the card were announced, but it is believed that fighters were being approached as early as a few weeks ago to fight at the event. Thiago Alves vs Diego Sanchez was reportedly dropped from UFC 89. Perhaps, that’s where they’re headed. We should start hearing some news pretty soon.

No announcement has been made yet, but the decision to run UFC 90 on October 25 was believed to be contingent upon Spike TV and the UFC reaching a deal to broadcast UFC 89 on the basic cable channel. Assuming that was the case, since UFC 90 is taking place one week later, UFC 89 should be free.

Can’t complain about back-to-back weekends of UFC events, especially when one will likely be free.