Affliction Banned Press Conference

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As July 19 quickly approaches (that’s tomorrow if you didn’t know!), Affliction and the UFC have been going back and forth trying to one up each other ever since Affliction’s foray into mixed martial arts was announced. The UFC’s latest move was to air their card live on Spike TV in west coast, which is a first, as it’s usually aired on a tape-delay there. Now, presumably to get one final shot in, Affliction has informed that the entire “Banned” event will be broadcast.

Affliction Vice President Tom Atencio today told ( that Saturday night’s pay-per-view broadcast will run a full four hours and will feature eight bouts. Additionally, FSN will air three bouts, rather than the previously reported two fights.

In other words, between FSN and PPV, the entire “Banned” fight card will be televised.

Check out our Affliction “Banned” fight card page to find out who’s fighting where.

In other Affliction news, while Donald Trump has announced on several occasions that Affliction “Banned” has sold out, it hasn’t, but Tom Atencio says its much closer than many expected.

Affliction Vice President Tom Atencio told ( ticket sales are “doing very well” and that about 10,700 tickets had been sold as of Thursday afternoon.

The Honda Center’s seating configuration for Saturday is expected to accommodate approximately 12,000 to 13,000 spectators.

It’s also been reported that ticket sales have already cleared the $2 million mark.

While there’s a been a overwhelming pessimistic attitude towards Affliction’s expected pay-per-view buys, it appears a global interest may give Affliction an added boost that most haven’t considered.

The PPV buys, both commercially and residentially, cannot be accurately counted until after the event on Saturday, but the interest is worldwide and could bring in bigger numbers than expected. According to M-1’s Joost Raimond, interest extends to Russia and Asia, especially Korea and Japan.

If Affliction is able to pull off the seemingly impossible and turn “Banned” into a success, I can’t wait to see what happens when Affliction and the UFC go head-to-head again.

[UPDATE 7/18/08 3:23PM] is reporting that it isn’t guaranteed that the entire Affliction card will air.

Indeed, Affliction has informed that the upstart promotion will shoot to televise all the fights live on the mixed broadcast. However, and this is important, there is no guarantee that all fights will air.

Affliction essentially has a four-hour block on PPV to feature eight fights; however, there are all of the other “in show” responsibilities that also need to be addressed. In particular, there is a mini Megadeth concert slated to take place during the presentation (in addition to all of the other stuff mentioned above).