Dana WhiteIn an interview with Steve Cofield, Dana White took a few moments to address the Quinton Jackson situation. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound good at the moment.

Rampage is ah, it’s not good right now. I think it’s gonna be awhile before we get him back. You know, when I say get him back, I’m talking as his friend, not president of the UFC.

He got bailed out, and as soon as he walked out the door I said, “holy shit.”

Rampage, the UFC fighter, who cares about that? We’re concerned about Rampage the human, the father, the husband, our friend. So, that’s what we’re really worried about right now. If Rampage never fought again, whatever. What matters is his personal life to me.

The full audio interview can be found at Steve Cofield’s Yahoo! Experts blog.

Unfortunately, this is obviously more serious than just a bunch of sleeping pills or a random temper tantrum. I honestly don’t know what else to say about it other than let’s all do our best to show our support.

I’ve been reading many fighters and trainer’s reaction about this around the internet, and everybody has been really supportive, except for one. That fighter is Jesse Taylor. Apparently, Jesse thinks this is bad karma.

“What goes around, comes around, I guess,” said Taylor when Jackson’s name was brought up. “I didn’t even know until I watched the show, but he said ‘He doesn’t deserve to to represent the company,’ and look what happened to him.”

Obviously, Taylor has NOT matured like we were supposed to believe since he got kicked out of the TUF 7 finale and they brought him back to fight tonight at UFN 14. Pretty shitty if you ask me, but guess you can’t expect much from someone who pissed their pants multiple times on national television.