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With Affliction’s debut mixed martial arts event in the books and deemed by most to be a success, the focus will now turn towards their second show. In the weeks leading up to “Banned,” Affliction VP Tom Atencio stated that they were looking at late October/early November for round two.

According to, that looks to be the case, with the event likely taking place on the East Coast.

A source close to the organization tells that Nov. 8 is the most likely date for the event. And although far from definitive, one rumored location for the next show is Atlantic City, N.J., which would allow Affliction to from jump from the West Coast for its debut to the East Coast for the follow-up. In addition to its proximity to lucrative New York-area markets, Atlantic City is home to Affliction executive Donald Trump’s A.C. properties, including Trump Taj Mahal.

With Josh Barnett, Andrei Arlovski, Paul Buentello and Fedor Emelianenko all having big wins Saturday night, Atencio stated those four are locks for the second show.

“We’re obviously going to use the guys who won (on Saturday). Josh Barnett definitely. Who we’re going to set him up with — we’re going to talk about that as well. (Also), Andrei Arlovski definitely. We have three-fight contracts with these guys.

“And … obviously Fedor. Everybody I’m sure wants to watch him fight. Is that guy amazing or what?”

Atencio said Buentello, who defeated Goodridge via unanimous decision, is expected to take part in the next event, as well.

It’s also very interesting to note that Greg Savage from Sherdog’s Savage Dog Show said yesterday that there’s a lot speculation going around that Tito Ortiz may be headlining the second show. Tito was sitting next to Donald Trump Saturday night and everyone knows their relationship, so it wouldn’t surprise me in the least bit if that’s what happens. Tito’s smart and wants to go where he can be a star. Having him on the card will undoubtedly draw a lot of attention and fans, and I’m sure Affliction won’t have any problem putting him in the spotlight. I would imagine he would be in a co-main event though, alongside Fedor. Fedor obviously deserves to be the headliner, and I don’t see his management just letting that slide. Of course, this should all be taken purely as speculation at this point. Tito has yet to sign a deal with any organization yet (at least to our knowledge), so everything is subject to change and it often happens quickly.

Atencio also mentioned he would like to have Fedor’s brother, Aleksander, on the second show, but that will obviously be contingent on whether he can get licensed. The rumor going around is that it was Hepatitis B. It is unclear if that is something that could prevent him from being licensed permanently in the United States.

I don’t know about you, but Affliction left me wanting more. I do believe they have a chance of being a legitimate contender in mixed martial arts.

So does Tom Atencio.

“There’s competition now. That’s all I can say. We didn’t start out to do it. We didn’t start out to compete with anyone.”

The UFC has already has UFC 89 and UFC 90 running on October 18 and October 25, respectively, with another pay-per-view event likely towards the end of November. It will be interesting to see what they come up with to counter Affliction this time. Putting on a live event would make for a lot of UFC events in a short span of time. We’ll have to wait and see what trick the UFC has up their sleeve this time.

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